Wang Zhousong a 71-year old man from Henan China’s central province has gained an overnight celebrity status, after his high- end fashion pictures were posted online.

71 year old posing
dapper looking in his denim shorts

Wang Zhousong is a senior citizen from China, who raises geese in his two farms in Luoyang. The trending Wang served in the army for 14 years before he retired from the people’s procuratorate of Luoyang in 2007. He then traveled the big cities, before deciding to raise geese four years ago. He got the shock of when he saw his trendy pictures all over the internet, this happened after he met up with a young fashion photographer he met in the city and he remembered that the photographer requested to take pictures of him.

Dressed good and he does Feel good
Dressed good and he does Feel good

His pictures caused an internet freeze, they gained popularity among internet users who found the pictures appealing and cool they expressed how Wang has a great attitude in his pictures; some users said that Wang has a relaxed attitude toward life, something other senior people should also strive for.

An internet user Azhe said there is no age limit for people to live a fashionable life. “If you have a young heart, it is not late to do anything.”

A Mellow fashion look with a dash of Denim
A Mellow fashion look with a dash of Denim

Another internet user Qinaidekui said Wang’s life will set an example for other retired people. Many people take care of their grandchildren when they retire instead of pursuing life’s pleasures.dapper looking

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