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南非在线全新功能上线:ChinaTrader南非贸易资讯为您发布南非商贸求供信息。您可以自行与买/商家联系。还在等什么?赶紧关注南非在线公众号吧(nfonline)。提醒:以下信息为客户提供,请自辨真伪!南非在线不对交易负责! Dear Mr Vincent Dai – Managing Director Chinatrader JHB SA   I am making an exploratory enquiry into howChinatrader could possibly assist Folder Frame (Pty) Ltd with export / possiblemanufacture and distribution of its product into China. Folder Frame has an unique product which Ifeel could trade very well …

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南非在线全新功能上线:ChinaTrader南非贸易资讯为您发布南非商贸求供信息。您可以自行与买/商家联系。还在等什么?赶紧关注南非在线公众号吧(nfonline)。提醒:以下信息为客户提供,请自辨真伪!南非在线不对交易负责! Hallo,ChinaTrader   I need a quote for the following please.   Please let me know if you can deal with delivery to central Free State     Drywall Screws: 6 x 16   Chipboard Screws: 6 x 16 8 x 16 8 x 25 8 x 30 8 x …

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南非在线全新功能上线:ChinaTrader南非贸易资讯为您发布南非商贸求供信息。您若感兴趣可以自行与买/商家联系。还在等什么?赶紧关注南非在线公众号吧(nfonline)。提醒:以下信息为客户提供,请自辨真伪!南非在线不对交易负责! Dear Chinatrader,   I ambased in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa and would like to enquireabout your services to get clothes imported from China to be delivered in SouthAfrica.   Howdoes it work to do it through your company and what are the fees etc?   Kindregards, Ashmita Ramanah …

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For over 30 years, Supersonic is a leader in Consumer Electronics manufacturing. Success has been derived from our core mission statement: To provide Design, Value and superior Quality products, which ensure years of ultimate entertainment experience for our consumers. We strive to offer innovative and quality products that fit into …

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