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Joburg MMC for Public Safety Michael Sun welcomes Chinese police trainers to JMPD

The MMC for Public Safety Michael Sun has welcomed a delegation from the Fujian Police College in the People’s Republic of China who will conduct exchanges and train-the-trainer sessions with 30 Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) members over the next two weeks.

The MMC said the visit by the Chinese delegation came as a result of extensive engagements and planning between the Department of Public Safety and the Chinese Embassy in South Africa, with virtually no cost to the City since the Chinese government is covering the relevant costs.

“The delegation from the Fujian Police College is led by the college’s vice president Mr Zheng Xiaoqiang, and consists of the representative of International Cooperation Bureau of China Ministry of Public Security, professors and lecturers of police tactics and Swat instructors,” said Sun.

“We appreciate this very first co-operative programme between the City of Johannesburg and China. We have been engaging with the Chinese Embassy to ensure that this training programme is a successful and sustainable one.”

Sun believes that the important policing skills that will be transferred by the Chinese trainers to the JMPD members, especially in close quarters combat skills, will greatly enhance their abilities to protect the residents of Joburg and themselves.

“As the Department of Public Safety, we constantly strive to enhance the competency of our JMPD officers so we can improve the level of service.

“Just a year ago, the JMPD officers received refresher training in order to improve their quality of efficiency and effectiveness on tackling crime in the City. Coupled with further training, the department has strategically launched new units such as the IIOC Reaction Unit as well as the Undercover By-Law Enforcement Unit.”

The training covers courses in:

  • Unarmed defence and control
  • Fist attack and defence
  • Actual confrontation training
  • Teaching and training methods
  • Leg attack and defence
  • Active control techniques
  • Frisk and search skills
  • Firearm skills
  • Discipline and policing techniques.
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