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Wang Rongbao visits Chinese CPF


The Johannesburg Chinese Community Police Forum has received a visitor from the Guangdong Federation of Returned Overseas office in China on Tuesday.

Ms Wang visited the office for the time yesterday and after she took a tour around the building, seeing the pictures and awards given to the Chinese CPF, she was very impressed that people from the Guandong province and all Chinese nationals were taken care of in South Africa.

The Chinese CPF office has become very popular in Guangdong and most of China with their good work spreading across the board. Thus every official visiting South Africa, on business or on holiday, wants to go commend the Chinese CPF for a job their contributions towards the community and assisting Chinese nationals with any difficulties they might be facing in the country.

Ms Wang was welcomed by the Chinese CPF chairman Mr Wu Shaokang and other CPF Members. They informed her about how they do their work, their accomplishments and challenges and also how they plan to grow.

The Chinese CPF was grateful to receive a visitor all the way from Guandong and wished Ms Wang a safe trip back to China.

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