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Cyrildene takes steps to improve

On October 20 the JMPD from the Cleveland held a meeting with the Chinese Community Police Forum, Chinese Business Forum and Residence Forum. The Councillor of the Cyrildene area was also present.

The meeting was organised by the residence forum after a number of concerns were raised in the area and saw it fit to include the Chinese CPF and Chinese Business Forum as they will be affected by the solutions that will attack their issues.

One of the main concerns that were raised was that the city council had highlighted that there are 65 buildings in Cyrildene that either has illegal land use or implemented illegal building control. The other two concerns placed at; lack of parking and pavement trading.


According to the Residence Forum, City Council raised an issue that buildings in Cyrildene deviated from their original and approved building plan. Buildings are three storeys high when they should two, some buildings build beyond the approved perimeter thus taking up the pavement space leading to pedestrians having no place to walk. Many building owners rent out their basements or create other businesses from them instead of using them for parking which directly affects the parking space matter that is raised by the JMPD.

Due to the lack of parking, some shop owners drew parallel parking lines where there should not be parking. This matter directly affects traffic as many cars park on the side of the road, especially when there are events or at night when Cyrildene becomes really busy.

Pavement trading is of important concern which degrades the area but is a direct result of bylaws not being enforced. The problem also comes from restaurant owners that wash fish and other foods on the pavement which directly affects pedestrians as they are left with only one option; walking on the street.

Captain Ramodisa from Cleveland Police Station and Jonathan from the Chinese CPF both mentioned that before the laws could be implemented, Cyrildene residents need to be educated about the law and the repercussions of not abiding them.


A strategy to alleviate these problems includes; educating Cyrildene residents and business owners of the by-laws, putting “no trading” signs up on the pavement then implementation of these laws by the JMPD. This process will take place over the next two to three weeks.

The meeting was attended by Thabo Rangwaga from the Stakeholder Management and Intergovernmental relations and Compliance Office, Councillor Mike Spadino, Captains Kotze and Ramadisa from the Cleveland Police station, Warrant officers Jordaan and Geldenhuis from section 1 (Cyrildene). Mr Wu Shaokang, chairman of the Chinese CPF and the members; Gavin, Jonathan, Anita and Jonathan were also present.


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