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Yang Peidong visits Chinese Businesses in JHB

The Vice General Consular Yang Peidong visited a Chinese Shopping centre in Johannesburg this week to warn them about safety and security measures as the festive season approaches.

Mr Peidong also visited quite a number of Chinese Shopping centres in the Johannesburg area and also stopped by the ESS Chinese Security Company for a conference with the Director Mr Chen Bing. The Chinese shopping centres listed all the business and safety grievances they were facing in the area.  Mr Bing also mentioned the challenges that they were facing.

Mr Peidong mentioned that in the last couple of weeks there has been a small number of crime cases in Chinese business area and commended the ESS Chinese security company for all their achievements with preventing crime and assisting the Chinese community, however the Consular General did highlight that the festive is upon us and that crime tends to increase during this period of the year so all security measures need to be increased.

The Chinese Shopping centres and the ESS Chinese Security Company were very pleased to receive a visit from Consular General Peidong.


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