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China’s corrupt -busting efforts an inspiration to Africa

China’s tough stance to root out corrupt officials is an inspiration to Africa where the evil is impoverishing millions of people on the continent.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s move to provide no breathing space to the corrupt is what activists are calling for in Africa, perhaps something African leaders can emulate.

“The action China has taken is what is needed to address corruption in the world,” Simon Lokodo, Uganda’s minister charged with fighting corruption in the east African country told Xinhua in an interview on Thursday.

He said China’s move gives him the resolve to fight corruption in Uganda where the evil is said to be flourishing.

“We strongly commend China’s action. We [Uganda] shall follow China’s action to address and curb corruption,” Lokodo said.

Over the years, Uganda has established the necessary legal framework and established institutions in a bid to curb the vice.

These efforts have started paying off with top government officials including ministers facing the law over corruption. Some officials are serving their jail terms.

“We should not have room for impunity for the mismanagement of public funds through corruption. Those who are found to be corrupt or involved in graft must get the stroke of the cane,” Lokodo said.

Although Uganda is hailed for having the necessary institutional and legal framework, corruption is still a major challenge to the east African country.

The country’s donor agencies have occasionally suspended development assistance to Uganda in response to reports of misuse of public funds and corruption.

Lokodo argued that while it is still an uphill task to fight corruption in Uganda just like any other country in Africa, the efforts to bring it down should not be lessened.

“We the African countries must emulate China to take a bold step and action to fight corruption. Africa has been blamed to be dillydallying and dinning with the corrupt,” he said.

In 2015, more than 40 centrally administered officials were expelled from the Communist Party of China for violating the Party’s code of conduct. Over 90,000 officials nationwide have been punished for corruption or violations of the Party’s frugality rule.

-Shanghai daily

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