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Embracing China in SA before Spring Festival begins

Embracing China was a huge gathering by various Chinese companies and organisations ahead of the Spring Festival. The event was in celebration of Chinese people.

Embracing China was held at the Gold Reef City Casino in Johannesburg on 22 January 2016 where various performances and key note speakers kept the guests entertained.

Embracing China
Embracing China festival comes ahead of the China Spring Festival

Mr Lee Xujien, Consular General Mr Yang Peidong, Yong Cai, Jiangli Zhao, Linlin Zhu, Xiaoli Yin, Congrao Wang, Yatong Wang, Xiaotian Zhu,  Yun Xiao, Yong Cai and Yincheng Jiang were the first group to keep the crowd’s attention.

Xaotian Zhu, Xiaohui Zhang, Lili Jiang, Hongzhu Fan, Yila Ma, Xiaoli Yin, Congrao Wang, Yatong Huang, Yun Xiao, Yong Cai, Jianpin Huang were the last group of speakers and performances.

Embracing China
Dignitaries after delivering their speeches
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