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Revamped Bruma Lake Park officially unveiled

Executive Mayor Clr Parks Tau cuts the the ribbon with Nonceba Molwele, the MMC of Health and Social Development; Matshidiso Mfikoe, the MMC of Environment and Infrastructure Services; Ms Jenny Jianling Wu and Clr Mike Spadino.

Johannesburg’s executive mayor, Clr Parks Tau, unveiled the new Bruma Lake Park on July 5.The unveiling was attended by Members of the Mayoral Committee, CoJ officials, community members and business owners.The Bruma Lake Park is the result of the rehabilitation project that started in 2014.

Affectionately known as the ‘Jewel of the East’, the popular Johannesburg landmark lost its shine a few years back when high levels of pollution and contamination affected the lake.The sludge in the lake was the result of washing powder, motor oil, sewage, litter and other debris flowing into the lake from the Juskei River.

“The CoJ was happy to invest in the lake because it is one of Johannesburg’s landmarks that lost its shine. We felt it was important to restore the lake area and provide the community with a place where they can come and relax.


“It is important to invest in such projects because it gives communities a sense of pride and Bruma Lake Park is all about restoring the community’s pride,” said Clr Tau.

The project cost R71,5-million.The rehabilitated and environmentally friendly park consists of a lake, park and the iconic bridge.The park is expected to boost business confidence in the area.

“For years the lake has been a source of discomfort and frustration at the hotel. We have lost clients and revenue because guests were not pleased with their stay because of the smell.When we received the news that the lake will be rehabilitated, we also decided to revamp the hotel because we knew the investment will be worth it,” said Angus Macmillan, the PR adviser to City Lodge Hotel group.

“For years the Chinese community has been coming to the lake to have celebrations and also used the Bruma Lifestyle Centre as it boasted a number of restaurants. Business was good,” said Jenny Jianling Wu.

“When the lake became contaminated, a number of things changed as businesses moved out and people stopped coming to the lake and the centre,” she said.

“We are happy today, as the community can now see the lake was restored. We can now come back to relax and host celebrations,” said Mrs Wu.

Cyrildene resident, Mr Rob Crawford, said the development at the lake will have a positive impact on the area.

“Businesses are already trying to develop the area and that will benefit the surrounding areas. My only concern is the drug dealers in the area – residents are not happy about that,” said Mr Crawford.

“We are happy to be here today to unveil the new Bruma Lake Park. It has been a journey of extensive consultations and engineering studies to determine the interventions that are needed to be effected to rehabilitate the lake and restore its surroundings to their natural order. Our investment in the Bruma Lake area is leading to other economic development from private business. The lake has been a frustration among residents and business, and we really want to thank them for being patient with us,” said Ms Roslynn Greeff, the MMC for Development Planning in Region F.

The rehabilitation process was done in phases.The first phase included draining the lake and drying the silt.The Jukskei River was diverted from the centre of the lake, giving way to the construction of the channel.The second phase was landscaping.

One of the important features of the lake is the iconic bridge which has been standing since the 1980s.

It holds sentimental value for most of the residents.

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