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The 8th “Love Knows No Border” International Charity Sale Held in Beijing

On October 22, 2016, the 8th “Love Knows No Border” International Charity Sale initiated by Mme. Qian Wei, wife of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, was held at the Staging Stadium of the National Stadium with the theme of “Building Bridges for Heart-to-Heart Connectivity”. The fund raised will be used to build bridges for poverty-stricken areas in Lingyun County and Tianlin County in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region via China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Vice Foreign Minister and Secretary of the Communist Party of China Committee of the Foreign Ministry Zhang Yesui, Vice Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang, Assistant Foreign Minister Li Huilai, Assistant Foreign Minister Liu Haixing, Mme. Le Aimei, Honorary Ambassador for Poverty Alleviation of the Foreign Ministry and over 120 representatives of foreign embassies and representative offices of international organizations in China and their wives attended the opening ceremony.


Mme. Qian Wei delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. Firstly, on behalf of Foreign Minister Wang Yi, she thanked foreign embassies, representative offices of international organizations in China, foreign and domestic enterprises and personages from all social sectors for their care and support to the cause of poverty alleviation in China. She said that the theme of the charity sale this year is “Building Bridges for Heart-to-Heart Connectivity”, which means to pool strength abroad and at home and raise funds to build bridges in Lingyun County and Tianlin County, so as to improve terminal transportation conditions and bring convenience to local villagers and children to go out and go to school. With these efforts, we hope to implement the concept of targeted poverty alleviation proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, make more contributions to lifting people out of poverty by 2020 and contribute China’s efforts to international poverty alleviation and disaster mitigation. The annual charity sale is an uninterrupted relay of love. Let’s take practical actions to build bridges of convenience connecting poverty-stricken mountainous areas, build bridges of love linking domestic and foreign charity actions and build bridges of hope for remote population and school children towards a happy tomorrow.


Lithuanian Ambassador to China Ina Marciulionyte made remarks on behalf of the Diplomatic Corps in China. She highly praised the remarkable achievements in poverty alleviation and the great efforts in the cause of international poverty alleviation of the Chinese government. She expressed that the Diplomatic Corps is willing to actively participate in the charity sale and aid China’s poverty alleviation and public welfare causes as well as international poverty reduction.


After the opening ceremony, guests from all circles walked to the charity sale booths, purchased generously daily necessities and art wares from various countries and tasted unique delicacies. Some citizens voluntarily came to the well-designed donation booths to dedicate their love by donating money. Foreign embassies and organizations from Chaoyang District performed live shows to add color to the event. The event proceeded in a warm atmosphere.


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Eighty-eight foreign embassies, representative offices of international organizations in China as well as domestic and foreign enterprises and public institutions participated in the exhibition, among which 21 domestic and foreign enterprises took part in the activity through donation. The charity sale has attracted thousands of people from all walks of life. According to preliminary estimate, more than 3 million RMB was raised in the event.

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