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Soweto crafters show-off at the China Trader Expo

The Soweto Art and Craft development pulled out all stops to illustrate their latest merchandises from their wardrobe and to dominate the inaugural China Trader Expo affair.

The expo attracted more than 2000 visitors from various parts of South Africa and China with over 200 exhibitors occupying the newly built stores.

This major show-off was held at the China Southern Africa Trading and Expo Centre in Joburg at the Crown Mines and a variety of stock was on display including the latest makes of electronics & appliances, jewellery, hardware products and other exciting and groundbreaking household furniture and clothes.

Among the stuff exhibited by the Soweto crafters are their newly designs of t-shirts, caps as well as dresses from their fashion line. They included also their hand crafted products.

Patrons were treated to a time of their life – they had a chance to interrelate with the exhibitors, network with alike people and even got to meet the manufacturers and designers who came as far as from China and other corners of Mzansi.

Exhibitors showcased their products starting from November 9 to Sunday 12. The closing day was held with an intercultural festival where both the Chinese and the South African communities shared their diverse heritage in style. They prepared their traditional cookeries, performed their distinctive dances as well as other forms of cultural performances on display like Kung Fu.


By Thabo Jobo

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