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Kung fu festival aims to create awareness in Kenya

In Nairobi, Chinese martial arts is taking center stage as the first ever kung fu festival opens. The event was organized to create awareness about the sport in Kenya. Hundreds of people came to watch, as 10 kung fu masters from Beijing showed their moves.

The first kung fu festival to be held in Nairobi is organized by pay television company Star Times. The company is celebrating five years of its flagship kung fu channel.
“Basically, it’s to celebrate the kind of content that is available on this channel, because it an action-oriented kind of channel and when we did our research we realized that kung fu is very popular in Kenya from the kung fu action movies right, from the kids to adults,” said Alex Mwaura, StarTimes communication manager.
Hundreds of people came to watch the event.
“As you all know, kung fu is well-known throughout the world now many super movie stars, such as Jackie Chan, have played kung fu very fabulously in international stages. And as the Chinese saying goes, if one is able to master kung fu or martial arts then he could become a super man. And if he is able to become a kung fu master, he will stand for justice and he will prevail over evil,” said Yao Ming, counselor of Chinese Embassy in Kenya.
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Part of the event was a kung fu competition. Ten local practitioners of the sport showcased their skills in front of other masters from Beijing. Three winners were selected from the group.
Up for grabs is a fully paid trip to China. They will undergo a week of intense training in martial arts at the Beijing International Arts School in December. The winners will come back to teach their new found skills to others in kung fu clubs in Kenya.
“All the skills I will get from China will be a big boost for Kenyan students. Once I get the skills I will share the knowledge I get with others,” said Kwezira Maurice, kung fu practitioner.
“I’m very happy to get this opportunity; I have been waiting for this for a long time. I knew I would win because of the extensive experience I have in kung fu. I have done kung fu in Kenya for over 10 years. I have trained Burundians, Congolese and Egyptians. My win is not just mine but for all Kenyans,” said Apjrodice Bakorubusa.
Source: cctv.com|07 November 2016
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