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Chinese parlour employee denies involvement in poaching scandal

Wei Chelsea, a Chinese employee at the notorious Mpumalanga Massage Parlour owned by a self-confessed rhino poacher Guan Jiang Guang, who fingered South Africa’s State Security Minister  as his accomplice, has denied being involved in the syndicate.

Chelsea, who visited the Chinese Community Policing Forum (CPF) in Joburg on November 17 in Cyrildene, put it on record that she is just an employee and nothing more than that.

Chelsea was accompanied by her mother to meet the executives of the Chinese CPF in her quest to clear her name from media reports involving her.

Wei Chelsea and David Mahlobo

An Al Jazeera TV documentary broadcast shows Guan Jiang Guang confessing to a crime of poaching and further implicating Mahlobo, who apparently frequented his massage parlour, as his friend and accomplice in the poaching syndicate.

Social media pictures have been doing rounds ever since the news broke out on social network and in the media, showing Minister Mahlobo posing with Chelsea. The pictures have since inciteded media frenzy with users assuming that the parlour also operates as a ‘brothel’.

Chelsea however refuted the claim and said she only works there as a beauty therapist and simply knows the minister through therapeutic rendererd services by the massage and beauty salon.

Wei Chelsea

“I’m just an employee and I am not involved in neither of the rhino poaching syndicate nor any other brothel services but just as a beauty therapist,” Chelsea told the Chinese CPF executives.

In the documentary, Guan, also openly brags about bribing South African justice and immigration officials.

Video secretly recorded by an undercover investigator shows Guan swiping through photographs on his phone that appear to show him and Mahlobo.

“He came to my massage parlour every week, or at least twice a month,” Guan said. “I know him well … [He was] a guest at my home.”

Mahlobo has denied any involvement in the crime and even went on to say the allegations against him were made without a shred of evidence.


By Thabo Jobo

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