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Africa Hub roadshow reaches out to Soweto entrepreneurs

Staff at China Southern Africa Expo and Trade Centre in partnership with the Light House Development Institute (LEDI) will conduct a roadshow next week in Soweto to inform the public about the grand opening of the Africa Hub.

Africa Hub is a new initiative by the centre and its partners with an aim to give local and continental entrepreneurs a platform to participate in the economic mainstream.


Manufacturers, designers and product distributors will be targeted during the roadshow and introduce them to the newly established Africa Hub which will offer them explicit ways of conducting business.

The method of Africa Hub allows entrepreneurs from various sectors of business to work together in one segmented building to share their expertise and determine their own market.

During the roadshow, staff will engage various sectors of the society including entrepreneurs, SMMEs and crafters alike. They will induce them on exciting opportunities available at the Africa Hub – a melting pot for businesses.

The roadshow will be led by Light House Development Institute (LEDI) COO Thabo Nkhasi and China Southern Africa Expo and Trade Centre’s Marketing Manager, Vincent Dai.


Following the roadshow, there will be a briefing with interested entrepreneurs and other stakeholders where all the details will be shared including how to acquire stores at the hub.

There are well over 200 stores currently available to lease – the first two months is rent free – with some entrepreneurs already utilising them to further their interests.

Some of them are manufacturers and others are designers while many are distributors or suppliers of different products.

The idea to establish the Africa Hub model emerged after the recent China Trader Expo where over 100 exhibitors displayed their products.

The four day exhibition started on November 9 to 12 and featured both the locals as well as the Chinese entrepreneurs who showcased their latest in their brands.

There were jewellery designers, tech machine producers, garment creators and commercial product distributors.

The roadshow will be held in Soweto at Diepkloof on November 22, Jabavu on November 23, Protea on November 24 and Kliptown on November 25 or you can visit www.chinatrader.co.za or facebook page @chinatrader for more information.


By Thabo Jobo

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