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Impilo Collection, creating bespoke jewelry.

Impilo Collection is perfectly located at Johannesburg’s diamond exchange, fondly called “the Hamlet”. At Impilo we believe that every “Life” story is unique, and each visit with Impilo becomes an experience. Jewellery is your personal piece of art, it does not just tell a story, it tells your story. Your personal journey beautifully captured in a design that is as unique as you are. It adorns you, decorates your life and speaks of those special moments. With Impilo Collection you are assured of the best customer service possible, with personal attention from a highly respected and qualified Gemologist right through to expert skill in creating your design. We will also introduce you to the importance of choosing the right diamond, considering the 4C’s along with the characteristics of high quality gemstones and a diamond grading which is Internationally Certified.


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