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Chinese in South Africa note with concern rhino poaching crime

Chinese Embassy in South Africa has posted on their facebook page the remarks by their spokesperson on The Poachers Pipeline released by Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera Investigative Unit released a documentary called The Poachers Pipeline that evoked condemnation from many commentators.

The documentary is about a self-confessed criminal Guan Jiang Guang, who fingered South Africa’s State Security Minister David Mahlobo as his accomplice in a rhino poaching syndicate.

In the wake of this documentary last week, the media has reported this widely with animal activists from various parts of the world denouncing on this heinous crimes against rhinos.

A rhino is seen without its horn.

The Chinese Embassy has also condemned crime against rhinos and stressed that the Chinese government adopts a consistent and firm position on the protection of endangered wildlife such as elephant and rhino.

“As a contracting party to CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), China has made unremitting efforts to protect wildlife on multiple fronts, including national legislation, institution development, trade management, law enforcement and oversight, capacity building and public participation. China has also actively engaged in international cooperation with countries at the source and the destination, as well as along the transiting routes of wildlife trafficking to address the issue. All of these efforts have been widely recognised by the international community,” read the remarks.

The Chinese Government has been relentlessly firm in the combat against the illegal trade of endangered wild species and wildlife products, added the remarks.

China maintains zero tolerance for the relevant crimes, and the criminals receive strict sentence according to law. In addition, the Chinese Government has conducted multiple campaigns such as the public destruction of confiscated wildlife products to increase public awareness on the issue.Rhino Horn

Rhino Ad

The embassy emphasised that China has instituted strict disciplines and regulations for its public officials, including diplomats posted overseas and officials traveling abroad.

“Public officials are prohibited from purchasing or taking part in the purchase of any endangered wild species or wildlife product. Upon discovery of violation, officials that are involved are subject to severe punishment according to law and regulations.”

The Embassy also noted that some foreign media would every so often play up alleged wrong-doing of certain individual, in hope of smearing the image of China and undercutting China-South Africa and China-Africa relations.

We find these moves ill-motivated, and would hereby express our strong indignation and firm opposition.


Source: Chinese Embassy in South Africa 21 November 2016

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