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Africa Hub team pay courtesy visit to BBC

Africa Hub team, Vincent Dai and Clint Ferreira, visited the offices of the Black Business Council (BBC) in Joburg last Friday to establish working relations.

Dai and Ferreira were met by BBC executives Zitha Dube and Sindiswa Mzamo to share ideas within the business sector.

Vincent Dai and Clint Ferreira with BBC executive Sindiswa Mzamo.
Vincent Dai and Clint Ferreira with BBC executive Sindiswa Mzamo.

The team was afforded an opportunity to introduce Africa Hub to the council and even shared the vision behind the establishment.

Africa Hub, which is an established business enabler, it’s earmarked to assist Africa’s entrepreneurs to grow their brand and help them participate in the economic mainstream.

It is a central business point for entrepreneurs to network, form partnerships and furthermore, to reposition their brands into the global domain of the world’s economy.

Entrepreneurs are assisted in the areas of business solutions, potential partnerships and investments.

SMMEs are invited to lease business spaces to enable them to work in a profitable environment at a site located within China Africa Trade and Expo Centre – a home to Africa Hub.

The team also learned that the two, Africa Hub and BBC, can co-function together in the interests of assisting entrepreneurs to share in the wealth of the global economy.

BBC, as a voice for black businesses, it also advocate for policy related matters for black businesses while Africa Hub on the other hand assists all entrepreneurs with brand promotions, inter-relations with China in the areas of exports and imports as well as in other exciting business opportunities available, including but not limited to marketing and advertising.

BBC and Africa Hub have the opportunity to work together behind a common purpose and implement programs of action that position entrepreneurs at the centre of economic growth and participation. Africa Hub will officially open on February 2017.


Source: Thabo Jobo  November 29

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