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Business location is key to successful operations and overall growth

The key to picking a profitable location is determining the factors that will increase customer volume for your business and Africa Hub has all those factors determined already for your business.

Africa Hub, which is located at the China Southern Africa Trade & Expo Centre in Johannesburg, has facilities that are appropriate and adaptable to your business.

The location, as an economic zone, is easily accessible and provides customers with a feeling of safety with our high-end security system.

We’ve got adequate parking; the facilities are a commercial space to lease and they also have a potential to attract new customers for your business.

Ideally, Africa Hub is in the area consistent with the image of your brand and this is because it is located in Johannesburg, an intermingling city for many businesses.

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It is structurally situated a stone throw away from the CBD, The Soccer City FNB Stadium, Nasrec Expo Centre, Gold Reef City and more appealing it’s next to the famous township of Soweto.

So, our location is practical for your loyal customers as well as attractive to new ones – whether you’re driving or walking.

Africa Hub has more than 100 stores available for manufactures, designers and distributors of products at a reasonable cost and the first two months are for free.

We believe businesses must have ample space for the equipment required to produce their products and services. If you have a manufacturing company, you will require extensive space for equipment and inventory and that is what Africa Hub is offering to you.

Trust Africa Hub to ensure that your business thrives and ultimately rated amongst the top quality brands in your industry.

Africa Hub, which is planned for the official opening on February 2017, invites entrepreneurs and or SMMEs to consider growing their businesses by joining a dynamic group of businesses within Africa Hub that are already dominating the global economy.


Source: Thabo Jobo | Dec 12

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