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Chinese delegation visit prominent South African based centres

Professor Li Renzhen, Deputy Director of Zhigong Party of Hubei Province in China, visited the cooperation centre of South African Chinese Police in Cyrildene last weekend.

The Professor received a warm welcome from Director Wu Shaokang and Deputy Director Chen Yunsheng who then briefed him about the landscape of South Africa.

Director Wu explained to the professor about the general situation of the country and the establishment process and future plans of the centre.

Following the briefing, Professor Li Renzhen expressed his satisfaction on how the Chinese cooperation centre conduct itself and its functions to the community they serve.

“The South African cooperation model of the Chinese police community is the world’s pioneering cooperation between the police and the public to ensure that the society live in harmony. Great effect indeed,” said the professor.


Meantime, prior to the visit from Professor Li on December 18, Chairman Wu also hosted another delegation on December 17.

He hosted a delegation from Shantou Municipal Government from the Economic and Trade sector at the China Southern Africa Trade and Exhibition Centre in Johannesburg.

The delegation was from Guangdong Province in China and it was led by Chen Hanxiong, Deputy Secretary General of Shantou Municipal Government.

The visit aims to promote economic and trade cooperation between China and South Africa, business and other sustainable projects.

Chairman Wu explained about the work that the centre is doing and how it intends to create relations with the locals.

“The centre is actively promoting regular South African buyers and domestic manufacturers on face to face communication mode.

“We hope that the centre will also be able to communicate with the Shantou Municipal Government and enterprises in future, give full play to their respective advantages and lead Shantou enterprises to open the African market together,” said Chairman Wu.


Chen said that they find that the centre is committed to building a good platform and they have a strategy to help enterprises in Shantou.

“The future will certainly play a significant role,” said Chen.

Shantou City mainly produces toys, candy, underwear, furniture, stationery, craft products and many other things that are in demand in the South African market.

Also attending the meeting were: Xu Wenying, deputy director of Shantou Municipal Finance Bureau, Cheng Chaoyang, deputy researcher of Shantou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Cheng Hongmei, chief of the Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau of Shantou City,

Shantou Municipal Bureau of Commerce Huang Yanping; China Southern Africa Trade and Exhibition Centre General Manager Sun Jingfa, marketing manager Dai Wenjun;


Source: Vincent Dai  |  Dec 20

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