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Africa Hub aim to inspire your business grow globally

African business moguls keen to set a footprint in the business world, have an opportunity to do so with Africa Hub as their immediate gateway to achieving their wisdom.

With the ever evolving markets, unsteady economic climate and possible global melt-down or recession, it is advisable for the African businesses to unite and invest in a cohesive economy.

That can only be possible if companies come together and share one platform which in turn will create a huge business network bursting with ideas.

That kind of a platform is already available at the China Southern Africa Trade & Expo Centre in Joburg and it is titled: Africa Hub – Opening Africa’s Window to the World.

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Africa Hub is a business enabler with a vision to amalgamate African entrepreneurs and or SMMEs by leasing them adequate working space to rebrand their companies and enable them great opportunities that are aimed at sustaining their business interests.

There are about 100 vacant 60m2 to 200 m2 flexible studio units available to lease at a reasonable cost. The first two months are rent free.

Entrepreneurs and or SMMEs are offered a chance to re-establish their brands in a new and flexible environment with a potential to attract more investment into their businesses.

This hub is located in one of the exciting locations of Johannesburg – the economic hub of the African continent.


Many companies are showing interest in the idea and have attested to this as a ground-breaker for businesses that want to ascertain their role and participation in the mainstream of the global economy and to penetrating the international markets.

This will enable great opportunities for manufacturers, designers and distributors who are keen to see their brands being imported to countries like China and various others to attract universal customers.

Africa Hub is officially opening next February and entrepreneurs as well as SMMEs across the continent have a chance to re-invent their companies and become one of the leading global brands in the world.

Join Africa Hub and grow your fortunes.


Source: Thabo Jobo  |  Dec 20

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