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Africa Hub: It’s your business to make your business work

No one else but yourself can be able to achieve what you set out to accomplish with your business and Africa Hub is here to make ensure that you succeed.

As Africa Hub, we have created a platform for all entrepreneurs and or SMMEs to help them with their business set-ups.

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Africa Hub, as a brainchild of the China Southern Africa Trade & Expo Centre in Joburg, has made 100 varying stores available for companies that require affordable working space with the first two months being free.

The stores are business/user friendly and well-structured to accommodate any kind of business that aspires to see their businesses flourish.

Manufacturers, designers and product distributors are afforded this platform to help them enhance their business interests by leasing to them an adequate space to reposition their brands.

Plus, the centre has an advantage to attract quite a number of potential investors and customers to ensure that your business generates its desired revenue or status.

Africa Hub also has established itself well within the international markets with good relations with companies and investors from China.

Most of these companies have shown their interest in doing business with the African companies in various aspects including in imports and exports.

Make things happen

Also, they’ve indicated, during the recent China Trader Expo which was held in November, that working together can bear fruitful outcomes in business collaborations or partnerships.

So it is important for entrepreneurs and SMMEs within the continent to avail themselves for these exciting business relations and enjoy the greatness of partnering with the international companies.

This will help your company to penetrate the global markets and even see your brand rated as among the top achieving brands worldwide.

Africa Hub will be opening soon in 2017 and the hub wants to make it its own business now to make your business work.


Source: Thabo Jobo | Dec 21

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