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Nigerians lead Africa Hub roadshow to mobilise support

The Nigeria Business Chamber in South Africa has agreed in principles that they will be encouraging their members to support Africa Hub.

They have also agreed during their meeting with the Africa Hub team that they will also be facilitating a nationwide roadshow in their quest to encourage Nigerian businesses to affiliate with Africa Hub.

On Wednesday, two executive officials from the Nigerian Business Chamber visited the Johannesburg based China Southern Africa Trade & Expo Centre – a brainchild of Africa Hub, to discuss possible ways of partnering in this new business model.

Nigerian Business Chamber

The model’s aim is to bring together entrepreneurs and or SMMEs across the African continent to create a business network that will enable them great opportunities to grow their brands globally.

During the meeting, the two parties discussed among other things, inter-Africa trade, social cohesion, cross border service relations and various other forms of business including investments.

An aligned Africa Hub Roadshow with the Nigerian Business Chamber will be held in various parts of the country with an aim to reach every company that requires support to enhance its brand.

Ntshabi Moeketsi, Africa Hub operations manager, said they will be targeting a variety of businesses ranging from manufacturing, designing, distributing as well as those in the arts industry.

“We’re expecting fashion and textile, arts and craft as well as shipping and printing companies to form part of Africa Hub project. The Nigerian Business Chamber has agreed that they will help to facilitate the roadshow within their members here in South Africa to enable them these opportunities,” said Moeketsi.

This, according to Moeketsi, means that Africa Hub will house Nigerian companies to share a trading platform with other African counterparts in business and furthermore, work together to create an extensive global network.

Moeketsi encourages local entrepreneurs and SMMEs to be proactive and embrace this opportunity which is earmarked to help grow and enable inter-Africa trade relationships.

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“They just need to take a no border approach and take advantage of this opportunity presented to them and grow their business in collaboration with other continental businesses in Africa,” she said.

It is not yet announced when the roadshow will start, however Moeketsi said plans are already at an advanced stage but only need to decide on the actual date.

Africa Hub is officially opening on February 2017 and entrepreneurs and or SMMEs are invited to lease an affordable rental space at the China Southern Africa Trade & Expo Centre in Joburg and the first two months are for free. They can also visit our social media platform for more detailed information.


Source: Thabo Jobo  |  Dec 22

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