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SA entrepreneur sing praises to China-Africa friendship, cooperation

Following his courtesy visit to Asia recently, a South African entrepreneur is hailing praises to China-Africa relations saying it needs to be embraced.

Nyaniso Mashabane, a farmer from Johannesburg said he’s impressed with the idea of China befriending African states adding that this was elevated by his experience there.

He cited culture, social and economic policies as some of the outstanding experiences that he thinks Africans need to adopt from the Chinese people.

Mashabane was equally captivated by the treatment received during their stay saying Chinese are a welcoming nation.

Mashabane told NF Online that China’s investment into Africa comes in handy especially for small countries like Toga in West Africa.

He said that their investment makes a huge difference not only to the governments but to the ordinary citizens as well.

Reports suggest a possibility that China is the single largest bilateral source of annual foreign direct investment in Africa’s 54 states.

In the past 10 years or more, Chinese companies have become the major investors in Africa and even individuals are investing small amounts in enterprises like restaurants and acupuncture clinics.

In December 2015 at a Johannesburg Summit in South Africa, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced an investment of $60 billion towards development projects across Africa.

This three-year-period investment is earmarked towards poverty reduction, public health, infrastructure and industrialisation.

This pledge is now evidently seen in projects taking place in countries like Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

China has built a railway between Tanzania and Zambia known as TAZARA Railway, built  Victoria Falls International Airport in Zimbabwe and invested R150 million for the manufacturing of fiber optic cables in South Africa’s Dube Trade Port Corporation yielding close to 20 000 jobs.

China assists Kenya to deal with a drought situation and recently they provided food aid relief to the communities affected.

China is also assisting South Sudan with the country’s conflicts and more than 2000 Chinese peacekeepers have been deployed there.

Mashabane said more and more projects, relief aids and cooperation and friendships are taking place between China and Africa.

“I’m certain that Africa will rise with China as a friend. There is so much that China is doing to help transform African countries’ economies, they fight poverty and they also build major infrastructures for Africans. I believe in their methodology and we’re starting to realise it,’ said Mashabane.

Mashabane has encouraged other African states to form friendships with China saying it’s for the benefit of their countries and most importantly, their people.


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