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Chinese in Johannesburg usher-in New Year in traditional style

Revelers on the Johannesburg’s Cyrildene streets cheered the dawn of the Chinese New Year in a traditional style and said good riddance to 2016.

The streets were abuzz with people from various walks of life descending on Derrick Avenue at the China Town to form part of the celebrations.

The Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations were not only restricted to China or China Town as a large number of people from all walks of life came out to celebrate the Spring Festival, bringing in the Year of Rooster.

Derrick Street in Cyrildene in Johannesburg was abuzz with people from all walks of life to celebrate the Chinese New Year.


Jeffrey Sun told NF Online that Lunar New Year is the only time many people make the long trek home to see their families, some traveling more than a thousand miles.

As usual, the firecrackers were on display in Cyrildene to mark the celebrations as well as the traditional lion and a dragon to blow the revelers away with their unique Chinese styles of ushering the New Year in.

The crowd caroused, sang, hugged, kissed and danced as they welcomed the Happy New Year.

The celebration in Cyrildene follows the main celebration which was held last Saturday in Marshall Town, Commissioner Street.

Each year the holiday begins on the first new moon between January 21 and February 20, this year, that day fell on Saturday, January 28.

There were colourful parades and fireworks as people took to the streets celebrating the New Year with rooster decorations.

People geographically far away from their homes also got an opportunity to participate in the exhibition of China’s traditions and culture.

A number of political leaders, public figures and community groups also participated in the festivities along with traditional dancers.

The tradition associated with the festival revolves around preserving luck said one reveler Li Wei Xin adding that people also exchange money and spend time with family.

“Chinese New Year celebrations are all about new beginnings and fresh starts. The new year is a time of hope and good luck,” said Li Wei Xin speaking to NF Online.

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