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Facebook comments with derogatory comments disgust Chinese

The Chinese community in South Africa is appalled by the derogatory posts and insults leaked on Facebook media platform between South Africans over the weekend.

A number of South Africans took to their Facebook pages to insult Chinese people about their traditions, conduct and attitude.

A sample of comments were reported of the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary, TV programme, Carte Blanche and TCA group, the Beijing people were hailed with insults.

The comments were made following the Chinese New Year recently held in Johannesburg on Saturday 28

Some of the comments even went as far as to say “killing” them and “wiping them out” with the South Africans, predominantly white people, wanting to get rid of the Chinese here and abroad.

“They are the most despicable things on this planet! I hate the Chings,” posted one white South African.

Another post followed and said “There are no more disgusting humans than Chinese people. I wish they all just die. Every single one. I hate them and I will never change my mind.”

As usual at the New Year’s celebrations, irrespective of how an ethic group or community is celebrating, people always light up the sky with crackling sounds and colourful fireworks to rejoice in their unique traditional ways.

As for these Facebook friends, the Chinese New Year’s celebration was nothing but a nuisance in their country.

One of the posts read: “I’m disgusted at your fireworks displays…may your new year bring to you all the horror and death (sic).”

The other post read that there is a need for the Chinese to vacate the country and even banned from entering it again.

“We need to get rid of the Chinese in SA…they not welcome…they steal our economy…dogs, rhinos and now donkeys…,” read a post.

Another comment followed with a response agreeing to this heinous mindset that seek to distabilise the economic and trade relations that South Africa and China continue to build for the sustainable development and the future of this country.

“I agree. I also hate them and get so upset when people brag with their China Mall junk bargains. I refuse to support them, they are not humans,” read the post.

The other post read: “I think we need to wipe them out. I’d be the first to be there.

The other one concluded that: “think Trump must leave that wall and blow up China.”

The Chinese Association has issued a statement and responded to the insults saying the comments are racist, inflammatory, vitriolic, insulting, hate-filled and propagate violence against Chinese people.

“We record that as a community, we are as outraged as out fellow South Africans at the cruelty and the abuse uncovered by Carte Blanche.

“We condemn in a strongest possible terms all the individuals involved in the ill-treatment of these donkeys and indeed, any other forms of animal cruelty,” said the statement.

The xenophobic directed at the Chinese community is of great concern in the face of the past tragic xenophobic experiences in our country, directed at other minority group.

Criminal charges of crimen injuria have been laid against some of the writers according to the statement adding that TCA will also be approaching the Human Rights Commission to lay a complain of hate speech.

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