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Shangai Orchestra pull striking performance at Chinese New Year concert

Audience at the Greenlyn Village Theatre in Pretoria were treated to performances by a Chinese musical band, the Shangai Ochestra with their traditional music.

The band, known as New Republic, gave an outstanding performance to woe the audience last Friday night as part of the Chinese New Year Celebrations.

The Chinese New Year Concert was organised by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in South Africa

The main Chinese New Year was celebrated on January 28 globally and this concert was held as part of the ongoing celebratory festivities.

According to a Chinese calendar, this year it is the year of the Rooster and various speakers says it is the year of family reunion.

The 90 minutes concert was well attended by various people from various parts of society.

About 10 Chinese traditional theatre and music performances were displayed by the Shangai artists in front of a jovial crowd.

The strong performances were met with lots of applause, laughter and cheers.

Songs like Melody of Kunqu Peony Pavilion and Garden, Red Lilium Pumilum Growing on the Mountain and Playing Along the street were performed on that night.

Carmen and Ding Yifan gave two solo performances and sang A Glass of Good Wine and On Top Of That Eastern Mountain respectively.

The audience was also given a short lesson about the different music instruments that dates back as far as thousand years.

Luise Graham, Chief Director of Arts and Culture from the SA national Department of Arts, Culture and Recreation attended and said she was thrilled with the performances.

Graham congratulated the Chinese community on their important holiday saying this is a festival of renewal.

“The celebration happens within the framework when South Africa and China are strengthening their relations between people-to-people. Chinese New Year has significance and it gives us an opportunity to reflect and renew our values and our friendship,” said Graham.

The audience was also treated to a delicious meal and drinks to mark the night significantly.

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