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A great send off to General Counsellor Liang Shugen

The Counsellor General has served the Cape Town Embassy for three years, beginning in June 2012.

He leaves with a couple of achievements under his belt like building good communication systems between the Chinese CPF office in the Eastern Cape and the South African Police services in that region. He also formed class lessons for SAPS members to learn basic Mandarin.


Shugen also flew to Eastern Cape many times to assist passport applicants and certification and once submitted 300 passports which were faulty and delayed to members and made it aided the procedure.

The Counsellor General also financed the Chinese CPF in times where they needed assistance.

The Chinese CPF Chairman Mr Lin Xiulin thanked Shugen for his great service and everything that he has done for the community.


The farewell party was attended by the Deputy Chairmen of the Chinese CPF Mr Rao Dalin and Mr Chen Yimi, Mrs Zhu Leqing as well the rest of the CPF members. They all wished Mr Liang Shugen well with his future endeavours and a safe trip to China.


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