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Africa Hub unchains the barriers of inter-Africa trading relations

Open markets increase prospects of producing and trading new ideas and products locally, regionally and in global markets, which leads to more income opportunities and the improvement of living standards.

Removing trade barriers has contributed to the expansion of global trade and Africa Hub is emphasising the same to continental companies to also consider evolving and become part of the global movement.

Africa Hub’s open trade idea is driven by the experience that open trade provides more economic opportunities for people and mostly jobs, income and sustainable development.

For Africa Hub, trade facilitation measures have become a key instrument to create a better trading environment for different kind of companies.

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Ntshabi Moeketsi, Africa Hub’s operations manager, has urged Africa’s SMMEs and entrepreneurs in various sectors of business to collaborate and create a vast market that enables inter-Africa trade relationships.

This, said Moeketsi, it’s very crucial for African companies to support one another and even share the same market that ultimately creates partnerships.

“We want to see African companies in diaspora sharing one sufficient business platform that enables them to tap into the global markets – thus Africa Hub has created that business space to ensure that the platform is available to them. We call on all SMMEs and entrepreneurs from Angola, Burundi, Egypt, Namibia, Mozambique and Malawi to our neighbours here in Zimbabwe to embrace this opportunity by taking a no border approach and be part of the Africa Hub initiative,” said Moeketsi.

Over 100 vacant 60m2 to 200 m2 flexible studio units are available to lease at the Johannesburg’s China Southern Africa Trade & Expo Centre at a reasonable cost and Moeketsi said the first two months are rent free.

China Southern Africa Expo and Trade Centre is the home for Africa Hub.
China Southern Africa Expo and Trade Centre is the home for Africa Hub.

The units are well built and structured in various forms which accommodates different kinds of businesses from your manufacturers, designers, crafters, services as well as wholesale and or retail. It’s also located in a business friendly surrounding in the area of Crown Mines.

Moeketsi said Africa Hub is officially opening on February 2017 and all entrepreneurs and SMMEs are invited to take this opportunity aimed at growing their brands globally.


Source: Thabo Jobo  |  Dec 23

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