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CCPCC ends the year with great achievements


On Friday, 11 December 2015, the Chinese Community and Policy Co-operation (CCPCC) held their year-end function in Cyrildene, Johannesburg.

The Chairman of CCPCC Mr Wu Shaokang showcased every achievement and hurdle they’ve came across in 2015. The CCPCC assisted in 376 cases within the Chinese community.

The CCPCC works alongside the South African Police Service (SAPS) in fighting crime, particularly in the Chinese Community. In their assistance to the SAPS they bought two vehicles and hired security forces to patrol high risk areas within their community.

The Vice Consular General Yang Peidong congratulated the accomplishments that were achieved by the CCPCC however Consular General Wang Zhigang mentioned that in the coming year he would like them work much more with the SAPS and strengthen their partnership.


The Gauteng Police Representative suggested that the CCPCC should also work closely with the local Community Police Forum in order to reduce the hurdles their facing.

Among the guests were representatives from Chinese Embassy in South Africa Consular Wang Zhigang, Consular Zhu Di, Deputy General Consular Yang Peidong, representatives from the Gauteng SAPS department, Regional SAPS and local CPF officers. Also present were the members of the CCPCC; Mr. Zhuang bingguan, Mr. chen Yunsheng, Mr. Wu Chaoyang, Mrs. Zhu Yiyuan and Mr. Hu Liyi.

Mr Wang Jun, the director of Jiangxi association donated a car to the CCPCC.


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