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China calls for more efforts to promote political process, peace, stability in DRC

China on Monday called upon the international community to “resolutely promote the political process” and “vigorously promote peace and stability” in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Wu Haitao, the deputy permanent representative of China to the United Nations, made the remarks as he was speaking at an open meeting of the UN Security Council on the current situation in the DRC.

“The political process in the DRC is at a critical juncture,” Wu said. “President (Joseph) Kabila and the DRC government are committed to advancing the national dialogue, safeguarding stability and promoting economic and social development, which China welcomes.”

“In the meantime, the political situation in the DRC is pretty fragile,” he noted. “The realization of lasting peace and prosperity development is an arduous task and has a long way to go. Hence, it needs the continuous support of the international community.”

A UN Security Council mission visited the DRC and President (Joseph) Kabila early last month, showing the greater attention given by the 15-nation UN body to the problem of the DRC.

On the efforts to promote the political process in the DRC, he said that the DRC government and relevant opposition parties have signed a political agreement on the election schedule and the establishment of political transition, and the appointment of a prime minister.

“China welcomes this development and we call on the opposition parties which have not yet been part of the national dialogue to sign the political agreement as soon as possible, resolve their difference through dialogue and dedicate themselves to peace, stability and development in the country,” he said.

“The international community should respect the development path independently chosen by the DRC and provide constructive assistance to the country on the basis of respect for the sovereignty of the DRC,” he said.

Touching upon the efforts to promote peace and security in the DRC, the senior Chinese diplomat noted that the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the DRC, known as the MONUSCO, and the DRC government forces have made a positive headway in their fight against armed groups.

“Countries in the Great Lakes region are inter-dependent and their security is closely inter-connected,” he said. “China encourages the countries in the region to continue the implementation of the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for the DRC and the region, and to make a big progress in implementing the Nairobi Declaration in response to the threat posed by armed groups.”

Meanwhile, Wu also called for the efforts to give a full play to the roles of regional and sub-regional organizations.

“The African Union has played an important role in facilitating the national dialogue in the DRC,” he said. “The United Nations should give a full play to these regional and sub-regional organizations.”

“China appreciates and supports the positive role of the UN mission in promoting peace and stability and advancing the political dialogue in the country aimed at the disarmament and dismoblization,” he said.

“The Chinese government has all along supported the peace process of the DRC and has over the years provided assistance to their nation-building efforts within our capacity,” he said.

China also sent peacekeepers to the UN mission in the DRC, he said

“Along with the wide international community, China stands ready to continue our positive role in the realization of peace, stability and development in the DRC,” he said.

Earlier Monday, the Security Council adopted a presidential statement to call for “a free, fair, credible, inclusive, transparent elections” in the DRC, and called upon all political parties and their supports to “exercise maximum restraint in their actions and statements.”


Source: Xinhua | December 6

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