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China Can Do, Tanzania Also Can Do: Dr Lu Youguing

The Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania, Dr Lu Youguing, addresses the Tanzanian delegation of district commissioners after they returned home from a study tour in China recently.

In the process of realizing economic development, livelihood improvement and social stability in Tanzania, the cadre team is very important.

Chairman Mao Zedong, the good friend of the founding father of Tanzania Mwalimu Nyerere and the great leader of Chinese people, once said, “Once the political decision is decided, the cadre will be the decisive factor”. In last year’s general election, the CCM had made an inspiring manifesto, and President Magufuli had made solemn promises to the people to make this country change.

Since taking office, President Magufuli focus on “anti-corruption, accountability, anti-laziness, benefiting the people” and promote new policies which have been supported by Tanzania people, even those who didn’t vote for him.

African countries and even the whole world also highly praise and fully affirm what President Magufuli has achieved. Throughout this year, we can see that Tanzania’s economic growth rate is still among the top in Africa, and is making great strides forward towards industrialization and a mid-income country. But Tanzania is still facing with a poor foundation and there’s a lot of work to be done to realize development and poverty reduction.

So each of the public servants, from ministers, regional commissioners, to permanent secretaries, directors, district commissioners, should learn from President Magufuli, and work hard. Tanzanian people are very hardworking and kind-hearted, who have strong pursuits of better lives.

Tanzania enjoys a very good nature condition with abundant resources of mineral, water, farming land, forestry,animal husbandry and tourism. How can we make full use of those resources, how to mobilize people and turn the slogan of “Hapa kazi tu” into real actions of every Tanzanian? This relies on each and every cadre, especially district commissioners.

In the political structure of Tanzania, the district commissioners are a key link with the responsibility of passing the governing ideas and policies of Tanzania’s central government and President Magufuli to each and every people and places of Tanzania.

There’s a lot to be done: The first and most important task is to make sure that the policies made by the central government and President Magufuli can be fully implemented in each district.

President Magufuli has his own vision in every aspect and has full confidence in the development of Tanzania, he has accurate ideas on many issues and the approaches proposed by him are very feasible. As regional and district commissioners, it’s very important to pay attention to the priorities and orders of President Magufuli.

If President Magufuli found certain problems and made orders in one districts, all the other district commissioners need to think whether those can be applied in their places and combined with their districts’ realities, actively implement the orders made by President Magufuli.

The second task is to supervise the economic development of each district. The economic development of Tanzania is built on the development of each districts. Based on my own past experiences as a district commissioner, there are three vital aspects of economy development in one district: the first is called “No agriculture, no stability”, that is to make good arrangements of agriculture, because stability is only guaranteed with growth of agriculture and food security.

This year, one third of African countries suffered from famine, while Tanzania did a really good job that not only did you produce enough food to be self-sufficient, but also for export.According to estimates, half of the African countries will have to face food crisis next year, if Tanzania can increase food production and export to those countries, the people will have more income.

The second is called “No industry, no prosperity”, that is to emphasize on manufacturing industry, and increase the additional value of agriculture products, make large-scale planting and breeding, and introduce advanced productivity to develop local industry, but based on the realities of each district.

The third is called “No business, no vitality “. And that is to emphasize on business and trade, including tourism, so to activate the economy of the whole district. The third task is to supervise the stability of each district.

The reason is simple, people can only enjoy live and property safety and peace in a stable society. And only with stability, other countries’ investors can be willing to come here to invest. The forth task is to improve the consciousness of preventing corruption.

The government and its leaders are all for the people, and what people resents the most is corruption. President Magufuli appointed you as district commissioners and gave you power, the power should be used to serve the people.

I would like also to specifically talk about the Chinese translation of the name of “Magufuli”, “Magu” is the surname, while “Fu” means “richness”, and there are two different meaning for “li”, one is “benefit” and the other is “power”.

The night when NEC announced the winning of President Magufuli, I consulted with President Magufuli for the Chinese translation of his name. After telling him the different meanings of “li”, he told me that he would like to choose “power”, he wanted to become a powerful man and use his power to create “benefit” for his people and to let his people own benefit. So, district commissioners should use your power to serve your people.

The standard of your success can only be the improvement of your people’s life, not your own benefits. My other suggestion is to carry out an annual work assessment and evaluation among district commissioners.

We can hold a television contest and let every district commissioner introduce what they have done and achieved and let the people to vote who is the best district commissioner. The district commissioners are friends but also competitors.As friends, you should care about and help each other.

While as competitors, you should try your best to do a better work than others, to develop your district better than others. If every district is trying to become the better one, eventually Tanzania will definitely develop much faster than other countries.

40 years ago Tanzania and China were basically in the same development level, but today the two countries indeed changed a lot. There are many reasons but I believe, within 20 years, today’s China will be the Tanzania then.

This view doesn’t come from myself but from our vice-president H.E.Mr. LI Yuanchao when he visited Tanzania two years ago.

He also told me that he had visited all African countries only to find that Tanzania has the best development condition. Last but not least, I would like to say that “China can do, Tanzania also can do”, China and Tanzania are all-weather friends, let’s hold our hands together and strive for the common development.

Dr Lu Youguing is the Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania.


Source: FOCAC  |  Updated Jan 18

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