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Chinese Community associations celebrated in North West

The anniversary of the Founding of South Africa Chinese Community and Police Co-Operation Centre North West Province Branch was held in Rusternburg, North West on Sunday. The event was combined with the 10th Anniversary of the Founding of Southern Africa North West Province Fujian Overseas Chinese Association.


The event celebrated the achievements made by both organisations and had various dignitaries from Chinese Associations and Police departments.

The guests included; Mr Wu Shaokang Chinese Community Police Forum Chairperson in Johannesburg, Mr Lee from All Africa Association in Johannesburg, Mayor General William, Acting Executive Mayor David Coetze, South African Police Service (SAPS) members from Rusternburg and Chinese Community Members from Marikana, Boibatong, Sun City and various other cities in Rusternburg.


It was a successful event that applauded the hard work done by these Chinese Community associations and the partnership they have with the SAPS.


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