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Chinese Community Police Forum

A look at why the Chinese Community Police Forum was formed and how they have curbed the fight against crime in their society.

The Chinese community, because of their vast range of businesses they became an easy target to crime. The members of their community were always complaining about crime but no evidence or proof would emerge to assist the police.

Hijackings, shop lifting and armed robberies increased mid-2003 and an estimated 22 Chinese civilians were killed within the Chinese communities by the end of 2013.

The leaders of the Chinese community saw it fit to form an organisation that would assist them in fighting crime. It was in January 2004 when the birth of the Chinese Community Police Forum began. The group was supported and sponsored by the local community members. The Chinese embassy was also in full support of this endeavour as well as Consular Generals from the Johannesburg office.

The Chinese CPF works closely with the South African Police Service. They share information to assist each other with the battle against crime and to assist the police in making successful convictions.

Since 2004 there has been a decline in crime within the Chinese communities. In 2014 they celebrated their achievements and 10 years of fighting crime in the community. The support they receive from their members, the Chinese embassy, SAPS has kept them sustained.

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