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Chinese and Cleveland community to protest in Malvern

Members of the Chinese community in Johannesburg have rallied together in protest against a recent rape and murder in Malvern, the Cleveland Community Police Forum said at the weekend.

“On 7 December  a Chinese family was attacked and robbed by criminals.  The 63-year-old son was brutally murdered and his 85-year-old mother was raped by criminals,” said the forum’s executive member Anderson Lee.

Lee said the Chinese community was stunned by the “inhuman and sick behaviour”.

He said the community now wanted to “join hands” with other residents and organisations in standing up against crime in the area.

A peaceful march was planned for December 15 where protesters would walk from the family’s home to the local police station to “demonstrate the right to live in safety and walk on the street, as well as to show support for SAPS and the family”.

Lee said they would hand over a memorandum to the police.

1, Assembly time: 2015-12-15 9:30

2, Assemble place: Old Oriental city- 41 Ernest Oppenheimer Ave, Bruma.

3, Slogan: Stop Murder, Stop Rape, Blow the Whistle on Crime.

4, Hand over the memorandum document to Cleveland Police Station.

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