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Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine represents the richest and most diverse culinary heritages in the world. It originated in different regions of China and has been introduced to other parts of the world; from Southeast Asia to North America and Western Europe.

A Chinese meal normally consists of two general components which are carbohydrate source or starch namely rice, noodles or mantou (steamed buns) and are accompanied by fresh vegetables, fish, and meat.

Dining like Chinese

chinese cuisineChopsticks are the primary eating utensil in Chinese culture for solid foods, while soups and other liquids are enjoyed with a wide, flat-bottomed spoon (traditionally made of ceramic). Most Chinese dishes are prepared in smaller pieces, for example vegetable, meat, doufu, which are ready for direct picking up and eating. 

Each individual is served a bowl of rice while the accompanying dishes are served in communal plates or bowls which are shared by everyone sitting at the table. This communal service is known as family style in the Western society. In the Chinese meal, each diner picks food out of the communal plates on a bite-by-bite with their chopsticks.

How to make Chow Mein

Chow Mein refers to stir-fried noodles with little soup that are characterized by a salty taste; its name has its roots from the Taishan Chinese dialect. Chow Mein can be made from the various kinds of noodles such as, rice noodles, flat noodles, fine noodles, etc. Chow Mein is usually stir fried with brown and glossy soy sauce.


Beef Chow Mein

chinese cuisineBeef chow Mein is a main course with noodles and beef being its main ingredient. It is very delicious, and nutritious.


200g salted beef, one section of fried noodle, and an appropriate amount of scallions, ginger slices, oil, amylum, and oyster sauce

Cooking Method  

1. Cut the fried noodle into several pieces.

2. Add oil into the wok and heat it up to thirty-five percent hot. Place the noodles into the wok and fry them crisp, then put them into a bowl to use later.

3. Drizzle with a dash of oil again, and stir-fry with beef until well-done. Pour them out and filter out the oil.

4. Add scallions, ginger slices and beef into the wok, then add some cooking wine.

5. Mix soup and amylum together evenly with oyster sauce, and stir them into a starchy sauce.

6. Spare the sauce evenly on the noodles, pile them onto a plate and it is done.


The cooking methods of pork, mutton, and chicken Chow Mein are the same as beef Chow Mein. The only difference is the meat.

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