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Chinese diplomatic mission donate to children center in Ethiopia

Marking the International Women’s Day, spouses at the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia on Thursday provided donation to a children center in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

The donation has been made to Kebebe Tsehay Center (girls’ center), one of the four children centers under the watch of the Addis Ababa City Administration Women and Children Affairs Bureau (AACAWCAB), which provide holistic services to orphanages and vulnerable children in the city.

The donation from the spouses of Chinese diplomatic mission includes among others washing machines, schoolbags, foods, sanitary materials, balls, pens and pencils.

Speaking on the occasion, Alemtsehay Elias, Head of the Addis Ababa City Administration Women and Children Affairs Bureau, noted that many developing countries are unable to invest resources in sufficient manner due to various reasons.

Cognizant of all the complicated problems of children in the country, the government of Ethiopia has been taking various measures, including the establishment of a responsible institution to lead, follow, and coordinate stakeholders to ensure Ethiopian children’s rights and welfare.

Reiterating that remarkable achievements have been attained by the Ethiopian government in the endeavor to ensure sustainable development in the country, the Head underlined the need to do more towards ensuring the rights and welfare of children.

She called for contribution from partners like China to support the country’s endeavors in addressing problems with vulnerable children.

Alemtsehay has also thanked the Chinese Embassy for the material support to the children center.

“I express my heartfelt gratitude for your material support. This shows as you (China) are our true partner in achieving our development endeavor,” she said, adding “I hope this event will be the beginning for our further continued partnership on vulnerable children and other issues.”

Speaking on the occasion, Lin Zhimin, Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia, said the government of Ethiopia and its people have done a lot to help vulnerable children in the country.

Stating that it is traditional Chinese virtue to help and support those who are in need, Lin said the Chinese would do everything they can do to bring their warm heart to children.

She said the Chinese would always stand with the Ethiopian people to support their endeavors in addressing and overcoming difficulties with vulnerable children.

“The government of Ethiopia and its people have done a lot to help the children here. And many Ethiopians are helping them. As brothers and sisters, we will be with you hand in hand, shoulder by shoulder to help these children; we would like to overcome difficulties together with you. We are always behind you,” she said.

According to Yonas Tesfaye, Director for Children’s Care, Support and Rehabilitation Service Delivery at AACAWCAB, the children centers under the watch of the Bureau provide holistic services and basic needs like food, shelter, clothes, health, education and psychological support.

“This is the compound for girls. About 250 children of ages between 8 and 18 are here; and these children are vulnerable to various problems. They are orphans; or even if they have parents, they have difficulties due to parents’ health problem or other reasons,” said Yonas.



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