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Chinese Education in South Africa

Consul-General Dr Sun Dali, Consul-General Jiao and Consul-General Mai visited the South African Chinese Education Foundation at the Great Wall Palace on Thursday in discussion of Chinese schooling in South Africa.

The seating dedicated at highlighting issues surrounding Chinese education in South Africa saw the presence of many senior members of the foundation, Chinese tutors and teachers, Chinese scholars and various Chinese members from the community.  

Hang Fang, chairlady of the foundation welcomed everyone to the building. She explained how they have decided to begin pre-school, primary and high school education in that very building. The school also included adult training classes.

Dr Dai was pleased about this endeavour and assured that the Consulate General office in Johannesburg will sponsor the foundation with schooling equipment such as textbooks, stationery, and any other necessities. In addition to that he promised to donate money to the school through the foundation and that the money will filter through to other schools.

The discussions were ended by Hang Fang announcing that she will donate R50 000 to Masupo School in Yinnan, China. It was the 8th time she donated to the school and an estimated 50 scholars have benefitted from her donations in the past years. 

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