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Chinese Embassy refute illegal SA donkey skin trade claims

The Chinese Embassy in South Africa has disapproved media reports that claim the country’s donkeys are brutally slaughtered and their skin and meat is imported to China.

The embassy released their reply statement on their official Facebook page citing their concern about the allegations saying they could ‘mislead’ the public and deter their China-South Africa relations.

The report titled: Theft and Illegal Slaughter of Donkeys Reported by South African Media and BBC was posted last Thursday.

Media reports claim that due to the increasing demand for donkey skins in the Chinese market, donkeys in some regions of South Africa were stolen and slaughtered illegally and some Chinese nationals were involved in several cases.

“We have noted relevant reports. Up to now, China and South Africa do not have any agreement on entry-exit inspection and quarantine of South African donkey skins and meat. And according to our knowledge, there is no Chinese company importing donkey skins from South Africa through legal channel, stated the post.

The embassy further said it is saddened by the cases of donkeys being abused and slaughtered illegally in some parts of South Africa adding that: “We support South African authorities in combating theft and illegal slaughter of donkeys and punishing criminals according to its laws and regulations.”

“We hope that the relevant media could be more professional and responsible to avoid misleading the readers by playing up wrong arguments and damaging China’s image and China-South Africa normal economic and trade relations,” said the Chinese Embassy in their facebook reply post.

Meanwhile, it was reported recently in one of the South Africa’s mainstream media that the North West province is considering boosting its economy through donkey trade to China.

The news report quoted NW Premier Supra Mahumapelo as saying donkey’s skin in China is used to produce medicine that delays menopause in women. The remains of the donkey will then be fed to the lions.

Even though South Africa does not have the unique Corsican and American Mamoth Donkeys used for this particular medical product, however, the NW government said it will consider breeding the donkeys here in the country.

“We will import donkey semen from China and then use artificial insemination to have the breed that’s needed for the product. The province is considering establishing a feedlot where the donkeys will be bred and slaughtered to produce this product,” quoted Mahumapelo.

The province said it will start the supply by end of this year and Chinese experts will be roped in to train the local breeders.


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