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Chinese Leader to Arrive in Egypt for ‘Historic’ Visit

Chinese leader President Xi Jinping is expected to arrive in the Egyptian capital Cairo on Wednesday for a two-day official visit that will focus on economy and politics.

CAIRO – During his visit, which has already been dubbed “historic” by Egypt media, the Chinese and Egyptian leaders are anticipated to sign a dozen deals and protocols worth $10 billion.

The two countries will reportedly ink an agreement on the establishment of a Chinese industrial zone along the Suez Canal, and discuss participation of Chinese construction firms in building a new administrative capital east of Cairo.

China is also looking to invest into an array of Egypt’s economic projects and promote cooperation on finance, energy, electricity, transport and civil aviation.

On the international scale, President Xi and his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah Sisi will look at the urgent problems faced by North Africa and the Middle East, specifically in light of armed conflicts in Syria, Libya, and Yemen.


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