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Chinese PLA celebrate 88th Anniversary

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army celebrated their 88th Anniversary in style at the Chinese Embassy on Wednesday with General Sigudu, Minister of Chinese Embassy mr LiSong and Admiral Higgs among the attendees.

The Chinese PLA was founded on 1 August 1927 and has since made many acquaintances in the world with much progress through the years. While the army advocates the settlement of international disputes through peaceful means it “opposes the enlargement of military alliances” and China will never seek hegemony or engage in military expansion no matter how developed it becomes” said Mr Senior Colonel Xu JianWei of the Chinese PLA.

Senior Colonel Xu JianWei spoke of how South Africa and China’s relationship has grown “rapidly” over the years, not just in politics and business but also in the military. The SA Air Force Chief visited China last week after a visit from the Chinese PLA delegation three months ago which was led by General Liu Yuan. The Chinese PLA “would like to further strengthen cooperation with the SANDF” and make “more contributions to world peace”. He closed by thanking the South African National Defence Force for their “various help and support” and proposed a toast to “friendship and cooperation”.

Admiral Rusty Higgs also emphasized the friendship that they have with the Chinese Army speaking about how they played a soccer match with them in 2010. The event had armies from various other countries. 

A few Chinese leaders from our local community attend the event.





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