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Chinese publisher spreads wings in South Africa

China International Publishing Group (CIPG) has intensified its programme of making more books about China available to South Africans who want to know more about the Asian country, an official from the group said.

Li Jianguo, CIPG Executive Director General Manager in South Africa, said in an interview with Xinhua that his organisation is out in full force to introduce China to South African readers through availing books, magazines and internet sites that provide a variety of information about China.

CIPG attended this year’s South African Book Fair held from July 31 to Aug.2, 2015 in Johannesburg. Li said the interest from the general public was overwhelming.

“We had many people coming to our stand and asking many questions about China.

“Many of them promised to come to our bookshop to order a variety of books that can give them more information about China,” Li said.

He said this was the first of many displays the CIPR has planned for South Africa where books on Chinese history, languages, research, academics, culture and economic development are showcased.

He said, “We are showcasing these books because China has become more and more important in the world.

“With China’s fast economic growth, more and more people want to know more about the country and how it is able to make such impressive economic progress.”

Li also said good bilateral relations between South Africa and China has attracted an interest into Chinese history and languages.

Lu Anqi, editor and correspondent of the China-Africa Magazine, said China is becoming a key player in the world’s economy and politics.

“There is increased demand for information on China’s politics, economy, and social issues.

“Many people think that China’s fast economic development is a miracle and they are keen to learn how China is doing it so that they apply it in their countries. Through bringing these books we are hoping many people will learn a lot from China,” said Lu.

One of the popular books that have generated a lot of interest is “Xi Jinping: The Governance of China.” The book contains the history of the current Chinese President Xi Jinping as well as his statements and speeches delivered at various platforms.

According to this book, “His speeches embody the philosophy of the new central leadership of China.”

Lu said it is a highly inspirational book desired by many.

“Many people inside and outside China love this book. It gives them a lot of inspiration and answers many of their questions on China’s successful economic development,” said Lu.

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