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Communist Party of China – Creating Inner Party Political Ecology

President Xi Jinping in his book: The Governance of China underlines the importance of maintaining close ties between the Communist Party of China and the people and between officials and private individuals, citing such ties as the basis of continuous success in Chinese leadership.

As we have witnessed recently in the world, that the future and destiny of political parties and governments depend on popular support (what is known in the western world as populist government).

If in Africa our political parties do not cultivate the mass line principle they are bound to fail in their leadership ambitions. In his book President Jinping opens the Chapter with the title: Study, Disseminate and Implement the Guiding Principles of the 18th Communist Party of China (CPC) in which he says: “If we stray from the people and lose their support we will end up in failure.”

Xi book

(Page 17) In line with President Jinping’s philosophy of good governance the Sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, which ran recently in Beijing has urged all members to carry out mass line; be people’s good servant.

In the same spirit Dai Yanjun, Professor with the Party School of the CPC Central Committee, said relying on and serving the people is the primary principle of the Party, and it should be applied into daily work.

In another development the plenary session pointed out that democratic centralization is the basic organizational principle of the CPC, and it’s also an important institutional guarantee for the intra-Party political life.

Another academician Wang Yukai who is a professor of government administration at the Chinese Academy of Governance, said that sacked officials and corrupt “tigers” have shown the loopholes in implementing the democratic centralization.

However, the plenary session further specified the work discipline of chief party members at all levels, and will not allow any violations under any circumstances.

Therefore the plenary session said the correct selection and appointment of personnel is an organizational guarantee for the intra-Party political life.

In his remarks Professor Wang Yukai concludes that the core of creating a healthy inner party political ecology is the selection and appointment of people. Hence ban on bribery should be strictly enforced he stressed.


Source: Allafrica.com  |  Dec 22

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