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Confucius Institute of UJ officially launched

On January 28, 2016 the University of Johannesburg hosted representatives from China to officially launch a Confucius Institute at the University-an initiative which is aimed to open various different doors in the South Africa-China partnership.

Confucius Institute
Dignitaries from the Nanjing Tech university and the University of Johannesburg at the Confucius Institute launch

The Nanjing Tech University partnered with UJ to bring Mandarin teaching, exchange programs, cultural exchanges so as to teach people about Chinese culture. The establishment of the Confucius Institute is in partnership with Foreign Studies.

The University of Johannesburg Confucius Institute officially opened in July 2013, with negotiations from Nanjing Tech beginning from August 2012.

There is the fifth Confucius Institute launched in South Africa and the Vice Chancellor of UJ Professor Ihron Rensburg highlighted how this Confucius Institute is expected to play a more significant role in the South Africa-China relations because of where it’s situated.

“Given its centrality, and the fact that Johannesburg is home to most Chinese people in Africa, it will play a fundamental role in strengthening its current links with China and to promote an understanding of one of the world’s oldest, continuous civilizations and the biggest, most diverse and fast-changing countries, not forgetting its authentic culture”.

Professor Wang Hui of Nanjing Tech mentioned that this Confucius Institute has been running for less than two years but has hosted various cultural events, more than the other institutes of its kind.

The institute will provide staff and student cultural exchange programs and exhibitions of Chinese literature, culture and art. Additionally, the program will provide Mandarin courses, academic activities, and Chinese bridge competition.

Among the dignitaries who attended was the Minister in Education from the Embassy of Johannesburg Dr Song Bu, Director of UJ Dr Monyei, Research Post Graduate Professor T. Mawala and Dr Pinki Mekgwe.

Vice Chancellor of University of Johannesburg Ihron Rensburg (left) with Wang Hui VC of Nanjing Tech University
Vice Chancellor of University of Johannesburg Ihron Rensburg (left) with Wang Hui VC of Nanjing Tech University


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