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Ethiopia hails Sino-Ethiopian cooperation in various areas

Ethiopia and China have been cooperating in various development areas, benefiting the people of both countries, and such cooperation would be a model for bilateral relations between countries, Ethiopian finance minister said on Thursday.

Abraham Tekeste, Ethiopian Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation, made the remarks during a handing over ceremony of a hydropower project dubbed Aba-Samuel Hydropower Plant Rehabilitation Project, which has been financed by a grant from the Chinese government.

“I would like to thank the People’s Republic of China and people of China for continuing to support Ethiopia’s development vision,” said Tekeste.

Reiterating that Ethiopia and China have been cooperating in different fields, including in infrastructure development and industrialization, which are critical to sustainably transform the country’s economy, the minister said, “The cooperation between Ethiopia and China is an exemplary one.”

“Investment in transport infrastructure and in clean energy is critical for driving industrialization, for driving export development, and thereby transforming the Ethiopian economy,” he said, “China’s support in this regard is fundamental, very important.”

Stating that Ethiopia and China cooperate based on the vision that the two countries have for their own people, Abraham said, “The cooperation mutually benefits both Ethiopians and people of China. So, in this regard, it is an example, a model for cooperation, for bilateral cooperation between countries.”

With regard to the power rehabilitation project carried with the grant from China, the minister said it is one of the various projects under the Ethio-China cooperation in different sectors.

“The cooperation in the project demonstrates the commitment of the People’s Republic of China to support our endeavor in transforming our economy,” he said.


Source: Xinhua | Dec 16

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