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Fujian gentleman killed in a robbery in Bethel, Mpumalanga

A Chinese gentleman, Chen Yanqing (35) was shot and killed during a robbery in Bethel, Mpumalanga province. Another gentleman a Chinese gangster was also wounded and is currently being treated in hospital in Johannesburg which is 150km away.

Yanqing Chen was found in his clothing in the 5th June, 2015 by the landlord. It is suspected that his employee is behind this crime. According to local reports, the employee has murdered before. The landlord found Yanqing Chen in the shop laying a pool of blood, with his mouth and neck wired and covered with a white cloth. Fuzhou Chen told the police that the family has suffered through the loss of their brother.

Another case was reported; in May 2015 two armed robbers broke into a Chinese supermarket and shot the owner’s son. According to police report, he suffered bullet wound, the bullet pierced through his mouth to the back of his head and he has also sustained other injuries during the scene. He was rushed to the hospital in Johannesburg where he was treated for his wounds


Since the beginning of 2015, it has been reported that 11 Chinese have been killed or injured during a robbery. This is an alarming stat within the Chinese community in South Africa. The Africa China Association for Peaceful Unification, SA has organized donations to the affected families and will continue supporting these families through the difficult time. The Africa China Association Peaceful Unification president, Lee has asked people to help with the donations and assisting the families and ensuring a safer stay for the Chinese community in SA.

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