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Johannesburg Workers Museum Opening

On the 6th June, 2015, was the opening of the Workers Museum in Johannesburg, where the opening exhibition was “Integration and staggered” art exhibition. Among the 300 attendees of  the event were; Zheng the Cultural Councilor of the Chinese Embassy, General Council Sun Dali of the China in Johannesburg Consulate, the secretary of the Johannesburg art and culture, Eric, the curator of the Workers Museum Ms. B Linda and the director of South Africa’s Centre police.

The Johannesburg art and culture secretary Eric spoke proudly of the history of Johannesburg works where he highlighted that the Chinese were one of the people who have worked in Johannesburg for over 100years. They also share the South Africans workers’ history. The Chinese society is now working together with the museum to build, narrate the history and share it with the society. The Chinese Embassy secretary Zheng was one of the speakers on the opening.

As part of the South Africa’s Year of China Activities, the president of the Chinese Artist Association of Visual Arts Zhang Rui, have selected 11 South African artists to be part of the art exhibition that will be taking place.  These exhibits include over forty paintings, prints, and sculptures. Some of the artists whose work was exhibited was; author Natsemela Ike Nkoana, author Retief Van Wyk.

Rui has over 10 artworks that he exhibited; his work reflects the formation of his artistic philosophy, using the Eastern and Western elements of the painting and personal artistic realm.


Art is part of the Chinese rich culture and the Embassy in SA pride on it.

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