Media personnel’s and some VIP guests were treated to the exclusive unveiling of the largest subway train to date. Referred to as the Beijing Subway Line 16, the train is anticipated to carry approximately 80, 000 passengers per day. The Subway Line 16 will go through its first test by the end of this year.


                                       THE INTERIOR OF THE LINE 16 SUBWAY TRAIN


On the 23rd of August the Line 16 was unveiled with the largest capacity. The train has more space than any other train making it more convenient for commuters to travel. The train has been certified that all passengers will have a pleasant journey when travelling in the Line 16 Subway Train. Line 16 of the Beijing Subway is a rapid transit rail line under construction in Beijing.


                                                                     THE LINE 16 SUBWAY TRAIN


The Subway Line 16 train will be unveiled on December to the public and will be the largest subway train in Beijing. Line 16’s route will run 49.7 km in far western Beijing, parallel and to the west of Line 4.

                                                               THE MTR CORPORATION TEAM


In 2009, Line 16 was among the 198 major urban planning projects listed by the city’s development and reform commission. At that time, Line 16 was slated to run about 35 km from Huilongguan in the Changping District to Huaxiang in Fengtai. Construction began in December 2013 and is expected to be completed by 2016. The line will be managed by the Beijing MTR Corporation Limited and use eight-car high-capacity wide-body A-size trains.


                                                THE WINDOW OF THE SUBWAY 16 TRAIN


According to the June 2010 plans, Line 16 in the far north will take the place of Line 4’s northern extension and run 48 km from Beianhe in Haidian District south to Xiaoyueyuan near the Marco Polo Bridge in Fengtai District. The line would begin near Beianhe, and provide access to parts of Haidian, north of the foothills the Western Hills that extend into district. For this reason, the line is also called the Haidian Back Mountain Line because it begins on the backside of the low-lying range that extends from the Fragrant Hills to the Summer Place.

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