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Learning Chinese

With English being the main language used to communicate in South Africa, it is essential to learn the language when living in South Africa. With the relationship of South Africa and China on the rise it is then essential to learn Basic English.


Chinese: ni hao                                   Chinese: dajia hao

English: Hello                                      English: Hi Everyone

Chinese: nihao ma?                            Chinese: ni zenmeyang

English: How are you?                        English: How are you doing? 

Asking for Directions

Chinese: ni zai na li?                           Chinese: zenme zou

English:Which bus should I take?       English: How to get there?

Chinese: wo milu le?                           Chinese: di shi shi stenme

English: I’m lost                                   English: What is the address?


Chinese: xie xie ni

English: Thank you

That’s it for now. Keep checking the site for posts on learning English or learning Mandarin.

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