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Lung cancer and second hand smoking

Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, which causes an estimated 160,000 deaths each year. Yet not all people with lung cancer are, or were, smokers.

Second-hand smoke is thought to be the third-leading cause of lung cancer. If you are constantly around people that smoke, whether the smoke is coming from their pipe, cigar or lit cigarette. There are many cities and towns that have banned smoking in shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants and some even public sidewalks. Some establishments and companies create smoking areas so people who do not smoke cannot get affected. However there are some establishments like bars that argue that creating smoking areas will negatively affect their business.

At a forum held in China in 2013 experts blamed prevalent smoking in China as the main contributor to their rising lung cancer rate. The Xinhua news agency also reported that 87 percent of lung cancer deaths in China were caused by smoking or second-hand smoke. Medical experts warned that by 2025 patients suffering from lung cancer in China could top one million.

China has a smoking population of 350 million, more than the entire population of South Africa. According to the Beijing Times; China is by far the world’s largest tobacco consumer and producer with some 1.7 trillion cigarettes made in China every year.

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