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Medical and health: A priority part of China-Africa cooperation

China has made positive contributions to the development of Africa’s medical and health services as well as safeguarding the health of African people.

This is according to Ambassador LIN Songtian on his speech made at Shanghai International Convention Centre on November 22 at the plenary session of Symposium on China-Africa Partnership: Improving Access to Health and Medical Products.

For a long time, said Songtian, China has provided medical and health assistance to Africa within its capacity. Since 1963, China has stuck to dispatching medical teams to Africa with 43 medical teams serving in 42 African countries currently.

Since 2000, Songtian said China has assisted and constructed 68 hospitals and 30 malaria prevention and control centres in Africa, provided medical equipment and medicine to African countries each year, made unremitting efforts to train medical personnel in Africa, therefore, China is highly appreciated by African countries and people.

Songtian cited the Ebola outbreak in the West African countries where China played a significant role in assisting with medical resources and staff to fight the disease.

Ebola 2

”This has moved the three African countries, motivated other countries to provide assistance , and clearly answered the question what does the brotherly friendship mean between China and Africa of going through thick and thin.”

The fundamental root for Africa’s lack of medical treatment and medicine is twofold: on one hand, African countries have not yet shaken off poverty and have failed to achieve self-sustainable development; on the other hand, there are “standards and technical barriers” for the pharmaceutical production and market access in Africa set by the standards of the developed countries which seriously are hampering the access of medicine in Africa.

The Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in last December was a great success.

It developed a new blueprint for China-Africa cooperation, marked the beginning of a new era for China-Africa win-win cooperation for common development.

President Xi Jinping articulated the new concept and thinking of China’s Policy to Africa comprehensively and systematically and declared to elevate the China-Africa relations to comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership and to implement Ten Cooperation Plans with Africa in the next three years.

Furthermore, China pledged US$60 billion of funding support for the implementation of the Ten Cooperation Plans, including supporting Africa in strengthening its public health system and capacity building.


By: Thabo Jobo  November 27

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